About Judy Birkbeck

Article in the Harrogate Advertiser about the novel, Behind the Mask is Nothing. The author drew on the experience of being on the fringes of a cult-like group for the emotions expressed in the book, though not for the characters or incidents.

Judy Birkbeck has a BA (Hons) in German and French from Reading University, and an MA in Creative Writing from Exeter University, and works as a technical, legal and commercial translator from German, French, Russian and Spanish. Her pernickety nature, so necessary for this work, is shared by the main character in the novel. She has also worked as a typist, bartender, office dogsbody, washer-upper, assembly-line worker, mail sorter, cleaner, kitchen assistant, baker’s shop assistant, dinner lady and unsuccessful door-to-door salesperson.

She was born and bred in London, and lives in Yorkshire.